C. Parker, Artist
Contemporary Fanciful art you can recognize

Artist's statement

I am a psychologist and an artist. Both involve perception (taking in the world), internally experie


I am a psychologist and an artist. Both involve perception (taking in the world), internally experiencing the perception ("groking") and communicating that sense into the world. As with psychology, each viewer's experience is valid.

Forms found in nature prompt my work.  Repeated forms creates relationships; relationships structure composition. I've been perceptually challenged by the new-to-me landscape of the desert.  I have to look more closely for nature's relationships unlike the obvious sensual landscapes of rolling northern California hills. The intriguing here is subtle, not quickly discerned; unless it is the stark shape of an ocotillo against the sand. 

I photograph cacti and closely crop to discover potential compositions. I'll practice several possible compositions in pencil and then determine my media. Some compositions lend themselves to the values inherent with powdered graphite, others beg for color applied in oil stick.  With each step, the image refines. On canvas, I like to use an underlayer of the finished color's opposite or complementary color.

I don't think of myself as a painter; I draw, sometimes with paints. I enjoy both an additive, layering process along-side a subtractive process. My work has a bold, graphic quality that at the same time brings lightness to the work. I describe my work as contemporary, fanciful art that is recognizable. Such dichotomies (bold/tender; put on/take off; use of complimentary colors)  thread throughout my work and my aim is to allow the existence of opposing ideas that can be true at the same time.